So my fiance starts his year-long Aritsts’-Residency in New Mexico today.

I am in Washington, DC.

Although we have spent time apart, both physically and relationship-wise, a whole year as a betrothed couple trying to plan a wedding… that’s a new matter. (We plan on seeing each other once a season.) While he was here, I was rather involved in his life, putting aside my to-do lists just to spend time with him. It was time well-spent. But now I should embrace this year apart to get back to myself, to do some “personal growth” or what have you, so I’m even more awesome when we come together again next September.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 has been to “try one new thing a week.” This originally was supposed to be “go to a new museum/make a new recipe,” but quickly and irrevocably devolved into “go to a new restaurant every week” (it’s tasty! and easy! and passive!).

Now is the time to reembrace my Resolution, and extend it until next Sept. But this time crystalize the resolution in a way that is more involving.

MAKE something new every week. At least one thing. Generally a recipe or a craft. Maybe put together a party that I’ve never done before (ie. a wedding, perhaps?) Restaurants don’t count anymore!

Here are my creations.