Upcycling totally counts as “Making something new.”

I started a couple of other projects also, but realized I strangely didn’t have the ingredients necessary to finish them. (ie. I was going to make an apron for my brother-in-law-to-be, but didn’t have man-appropriate fabric for the ties. Go figure.) This totebag was the “project between projects,” to keep my sewing machine happy by boosting its confidence w/ a simple task.

it's got pockets now

This is/was a free schwag-bag actually made of canvas! From a career fair I went to back in 2008. I did not actually end up w/ a job from said fair, so… let’s cover it up with remnants from curtains I made over 5years ago. Getting product moving!

I am VERY proud of the pleated middle pocket.

I might later have to add an applique peeking out of the middle pocket, b/c I did not actually position the pocket high enough to fully cover the logo underneath.

ALSO check this out! (not really a craft so I’m hitchhiking it to this post)

I had s/how acquired a Prada mini-wallet, but it’s not the style of wallet I find functional.. so it’s been sitting around for a few years. Aha-moment! It’s THE thing to replace the glitzy sewing kit that possibly belonged to my mother/grandmother (but does not have emotional historic significance. It just looks like s/thing from the 70s). Room for thread, buttons, safety pins, mini scissors… I jabbed the needles through a business card for safekeeping. Voila, designer sewing set!