I’m half-Japanese, and bicultural. My parents made sure I was not just culturally literate but literally literate.

Which means I can get inspired by cookpad, Japan’s version of allrecipes, sans the pop-up ads. Interestingly, fewer people are pushy about how much they changed the recipes in their comments. Mostly posters are nice about it, saying they’ve “arranged” the original recipe in some flattering way, ie. the original is clearly an inspiration, not a base with a lot of flaws that I’ll nit-pick over b/c it doesn’t have enough/too much cinnamon for my tastes… but that’s neither here nor there.

New recipe of the week is thin noodles with nappa cabbage, sour plum, and mayonnaise.


And I love me some mayo. A tiny spoonful in the broth makes for a ridiculously creamy mouth-feel.  These noodles are usually eaten cold, but it’s rainy today and I wanted s/thing warm. (Warm noodles are less work too.) …I think I’m going to be eating this for a few days.