So this week I did one new thing: I got my DC Learner’s Permit. Like for a car. To drive. Because I’m now in my latter twenties, and can’t drive a car. And did not grow up in NYC, but the grand state of SC.

And for the purposes of this project, I made all sorts of new messes in the kitchen, and on the craft table.

Last week my boss threw me a cookie-party in our library, as a mini graduation party, to celebrate my finally acquired Master of Library Science. IT WAS SO NICE. She even printed a banner for me! And there were lots of extra cookies for me to take home.

I wanted to thank my boss this week by 1) making her a nice brooch, and 2) making a lovely pie w/ a cookie-crumb crust.

The brooch prototype did not work out. Close, but no cigar… so I concentrated on the pie. It was going to be a glorious batch of mini-pb-banana-cream pies.

This…. did not work out well either. I had a lot of shortbread cookies half frosted in chocolate that weren’t extra-tasty, and I thought they would reincarnate nicely as a crumb-crust.

I have never made a crumb crust. THIS IS NEW! The book told me to use un-frosted cookies for it. But not why. Now, I am a baking novice, just starting in my twenties, and trying to teach myself. By trial and error. The icing melted and pooled together with the butter, causing big puddles. This may have been exacerbated by the mini-pie situation. Even when they cooled, these things don’t look edible.

shiny, coagulated butter

So I said fine. I’ll make  the filling anyway, and make chipwiches (what we called these choco-chip cookie/frosting sandwiches they sold at my high school) with the leftover snickerdoodles.

This is vaguely new.  I added mashed bananas to a variation of the Peanut Butter Fudge Pie whip from Pie Pie Pie, in a move inspired by the Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie in Baked Explorations. Cream cheese, pb, sugar, whipped cream… you get the gist. The original pb fudge pie was so rich as to be nearly inedible, so this time I added less sugar, and added more whipped cream, beaten not quite stiff… and of course the bananas. Result, ridiculously light (albeit droopy) frosting/filling/pudding.

made the nite better

PB/banana is the perfect match for cinnamonny snickerdoodles. But the frosting is too messy… I wanted to give out nice neat chipwiches… I could make a mock-trifle? …She’s on a diet anyway. …next week I MUST create the perfect boss-brooch!

The nite didn’t end here!! I had to try to make one completely new thing, successfully! I attempted a recipe from the Art of Southern Cooking. I got a signed copy of the 1967 ed. at a used book sale.

And I made this monstrosity:

newt-eyeball pie??

Or at least the filling for it, b/c remember, I failed at crust-making tonite.

Essentially grapes in a cornstarch sauce. There’s only a tb of butter in it, but it smells very strongly of it, which is worrisome. It tastes like grapes, but it looks like eyeballs. Maybe this is a good Halloween dish. The grapes possibly should have been cut up, as I have a feeling Ms Mildred did not anticipate our frankenfood giant grapes. Tomorrow I’ll buy a nilla-crust for it. You’re supposed to top it w/ merenge and bake the merenge, but I’ve never done a baked-merenge pie, and now I’m kitchen-demoralized for a bit.

At least I have all that pb-frosting to keep me company while I clean up tonite…