In an attempt to get into “wedding shape,” I’m going to try to go to yoga classes more often. I’d gotten a yoga mat about a year ago, when I bought a 5-class groupon for a local studio. …I went to 4 before it expired. Now it’s time to try again, and I’m going to kick off the resolution with creating a yoga bag! (I plowed through the project once I got started so no “during” photos, sorry.)

Upcycling an old and ugly, free laundry bag that came with not-so-free student checking. It was the perfect height. All I had to do was stuff the mat inside, mark how thin I needed to make the new tube, and sew up the side! And oh, I could poach straps from this other free tote(?) I just got with a magazine subscription. The colors are totally Christmassy, but oh well. It’s FREE.

…I actually had to do this twice, b/c the first attempt, I forgot that I should be working with the bag inside out… And although I decided I didn’t care the pinking showed, I realized that I’d already forgotten that I wanted to add straps to the bag. There was no way I could attach the straps with the sewing machine when the bag was already sewn so narrowly, and I did not want to sew this by hand. An attempt with fusing tape did not end well (ueber-synthetic fibers don’t like to be ironed!!)

So I redid the project using the other half of the bag. I sewed the shorn handles of the tote to cover the writing on the bottom (of the outside), and the other handle towards the top. I made sure that some extra handle was hanging out, so that they could be used to attach the shoulder strap. I folded these flaps in and pinned them so they wouldn’t get caught on the inside when I sewed the side up. Turning the bag inside out, I sewed up the side.

Turned the bag right-side out again, then attached the clips to the extra flaps by forcibly sewing them in. I went back and forth a few times, so hopefully this is strong enough. Clipped the tote’s shoulder strap to the bag, and voila!

this bag is King! (that was vaguely on purpose)

sew straps to ea/other, insert clip, trap clip w/ more stitching


Now… the hard part is to not forget the bag when I leave for class.