I split a skirt a bit, a while ago. There, I’ve said it. A khaki-ish pencil-ish skirt, but with a slit in the back. The slit split at the seam, ish.

I made do for a while with fabric glue and a patch behind it, as sewing it up would only cause more of a strain on the fabric. But when that loosened… I just put the skirt aside.

Then I found this ruffle-embellishment tutorial at Cotton & Curls.

The semi-circle to ruffle trick!! How clever! How did I live without it? (I free-handed the circles.)

I sewed the slit more open, to close the split. (This would be a bit too much of an opening for my tastes were I not planning on covering this up.)


I used a feather stitch on some IKEA upholstery-weight fabric, b/c hemming the circle seemed absurdly time-consuming. I used just two layers, rather than going down the whole way.

What do you think? Should the ruffles come all the way down the back? (Having just this much is easy b/c then I don’t have to figure out how to span the ruffles across the gap… but it also just kinda looks like a saggy bunny tail…)