This week I went to NYC over the weekend and caught a cold.

I actually made these last week, so it’s a cheat, but. As a hostess gift for my friend who let me stay with her, I made these fabric fortune cookies  (tutorial by Lady Harvatine: I like these much better than the “glue down some wire in a circle” tutorials out there, these look SO good)

Made a jar-full (5 in a pickle jar). Was initially skeptical that the fabric circle is so big, but they come out the right size. Perfect way to use some odd scraps! Of course, I added personalized fortunes.

I’m off to Germany for two weeks. Will hopefully post something, at least a new EXPERIENCE, if I don’t manage to create anything while overseas on vacation. But perhaps I shall find a way!

Can’t travel without my e-reader, and it’s newly modded cover.

ceci n’est pas un LIVRE

Might have been better w/ stamps rather than stencil, and I should have perhaps added more yellow to the paint, but it was 2am. I’ve been wanting to do something with this cover for a while though, so I’m glad it’s been done! I’m sure this remix is not original, and I’m scared to google how other people have done this cover… but for now I’ll just be pleased w/ myself.