I am currently on vacation in a little village in Germany, visiting my old hostfamily from my year doing CongressBundestag.

When I lived here, the twins were 3.5 years old, and now they are 12. There is also a little brother who is almost 7.

As a good-bye present those oh-so-many years ago, I had drawn portraits from photos of the twins in oil pastels. It took a while and they weren’t great in hindsight, but certainly the thought was there.

Now whenever I come to visit, the kids will ask me to draw for them.

This time, the kids demanded a do a portrait of the youngest on the spot.

It doesn’t really look like him, but the thought is there. I should have made him smile more, because smiling is his usual expression. Maybe I will take some photos and do a better job of all three kids, and send it for Christmas. (Hmm.. photographing drawings is a good way to get perspective on them also. I must say, it doesn’t look right AT ALL.)

I discovered that my last sketches were copied and used for a family coloring book.