I just got back state side two days ago, and did not post yesterday like I should have! Instead I went to a happy hour and also cleaned my apt for a pending family visit.

But I did experience some new things.

Last weekend I spent in Berlin with a lovely galpal of mine whom I’ve known for 10 years now. We walked so much my shoes gave out.

I do love Berlin! I studied there during the 2006 WorldCup, so my strongest memories of the city are during the balmy, languid summer months (although when I had arrived in early April, the still-wintery gray skies imparted upon the landscape a dreary Soviet feel). This wkend, it was cold but sunny, and thoroughly lovely still.

We walked the new Berlin Wall History Mile, and had delicious cocktails at a friend’s new bar, all good things to check out when you visit next. The History Mile was rather well-done, giving a very human face to the effects of the Berlin Wall on the daily lives of those who lived right next to it.

Berlin photos forthcoming.

I signed up for an office craft fair in early December, so now I’ve got some productivity/creativity pressure! (Practicing for my wedding favors is def a big motivator here as well.) Expect a froth of flower jewelry in the next few weeks!