But I made up for it in experiences.

My mother came to visit me here, which she’s never really done. So win!

I didn’t even blog last week because I was trying to tidy the apartment to make it mother-worthy (of course, as many friends warned me, nothing is ever quite clean enough in a mother’s eyes).

We had all sorts of mother-daughter New Fun. We went to try on my first wedding dresses, for example:

My mother is most likely going to make my dress herself, so this was merely trying to figure out what looked best. The trouble begins when “what I want” and “what looks best” and “what she wants” do not overlap quite as they should.

We made a soup together.

We went to the Hillwood Museum together for the first time. (Pefectly timed, they have a wedding dress exhibit up now.)

We had the experience of introducing her to the family of her future son-in-law.

I introduced my mother to steamed/souped mussels (we’d only eaten them baked at home).