The betrothed came to visit for a week! It went by much too quickly. We had a lovely time catching up together.

Lovely and slightly overwhelming new experiences: Looking at the lake house which is to be our wedding location! Meeting more of the future-in-laws!

Also went to the Renwick Gallery’s HandiHour. If you’re in DC and are a fan of musuems’ “after dark” events, you have to go to this one. It’s by far the best deal in town, and the most fun. (The next one is on Valentine’s?) Previous crafts at the event include button pins, magnets, and accordion books. The craft of the event this time was ceramic tile coasters. I was so overwhelmed by the good time I was having with the people I was with, my creative juices were not flowing very much.

Photo coming soon! I’m writing this on my lunchbreak at work!

I also discovered Southern Weddings magazine, which is my favorite wedding magazine so far, evar. So much pretty, perfect ideas!!

Not really a new “creation,” but I made me some motivational posters for getting in shape. Let’s call it upcycling.

Photo coming soon! I’m writing this on my lunchbreak at work!

My internet went down on Weds nite (when I’m supposed to post), and although my service provider is aware of the situation, they are not working very fast on it, as it was still down last nite. NOT IMPRESSED.