So I’ve been sick this week, since I woke up on Friday morning. I did not cover my throat enough on Thursday at the theater, and I have been coughing since. I spent most of the wkend in bed, and a little of it crafting on the couch, watching movies and eating icecream, b/c it helped my throat. Being sick solo on the one hand is nice b/c nobody will catch your cold. On the other hand, it’s very, very lonely. And it happened to be a very sunny, beautiful wkend to be out.

And I was sewing stocking pins while watching The Incredibles, coughing a lot.

Be honest. Would you buy one of these at the office craft fair? Clearly there was too much cold syrup in the system, right.

This went better:

I hemmed the postcards for my save-the-dates. Yes, hemmed the postcards.

There are lots of paper-sewing tutorials/examples out there, and I’d been wanting to try it for a while. My betrothed and I are having a tiny wedding, and originally were going to have announcement cards printed… until I realized we’re only inviting about 30 entities (families/couples/singles who will write in their plus-ones, etc). So we decided to totally DIY the cards with what we had on hand, ie cardstock, my sewing machine, and our collaborative drawing skillz.

First I used spray-adhesive to glue two color-coordinated sheets of cardstock together (and people are not kidding when they say you should do this in a well-ventilated area. FYI the bathroom, despite having a vent, is not particularly well-ventilated, and the glue, being aerosol, will travel farther than you think it will, ie make the floor, sink, ETC rather tacky to the touch). After letting them dry overnite, I used our paper cutter to slice them into quarters (USPS regulates that postcards must be at, or under, 4.25inches wide.. which is a close shave for 8.5″ paper).

Then, sew baby sew! (The DIY-Bride book, for it’s sewn programs project suggests putting on “some high octane tunes” to keep momentum going. Although you can’t actually hear the tunes half the time when the sewing machine is going, it is nice to have those bursts of music… especially after I realized I was humming Ben Folds’ latest breakup song to myself, I quickly followed their advice and put on something more fitting.)

feed me!

The first one was a “first pancake” situation and not pretty, but after that, I got the hang of it and it was rather quick work.

color coordinated

I even got fancy and used different colors for the top and bottom threads so they contrasted better with the card colors! I think our color scheme is going to be a variation of pink/yellow and maybe a little blue? For our save-the-dates though, I didn’t have a pink thread that was pleasing to me, so I went for yellow and blue highlights.

all the pretty papers

Now, I send these blank beauties to my hubby-to-be so he can draw on them, and he’ll again send them back to me so I can add finishing touches to them… and then I’ll mail them.

If you’ve never sewn paper, I do indeed recommend it. It’s strangely satisfying, possibly because it’s a brittle medium, that won’t wrinkle or pull or pinch the way most fabrics tend to.