I got a wedding dress this weekend!!! Too bad I can’t show you, because my betrothed supposedly reads this blog too.

I made paper kanzashi this week. They are more time-consuming than expected, so… production was low. Friday is the craft fair. We all get 6foot tables. That is way too much space for me, because I have barely any work to sell on that scale. I have maybe 50pieces. See below:

the felt creations

the paper creations

the thingadoos

Also a tangle of origami earrings that I made two years ago, that are really just prototypes.

And of course copies of Gottfried, and some small Radio Sebastian work.

But yes. Six feet of table is a lot of table.


The other new and exciting thing that came into my life this weekend, other than the dress, is my very own Whatnot:

Mr Cleo Magic Whatnot

Yes, I carried him in my purse on the plane, then to work, and home. Strangely, nobody commented, although I bumped into a friend on the train home.