There’s a cookie exchange on Friday, for which I pounced upon the new WaPo cookie issue!!! Namely the cardamom-brown sugar snickerdoodles.

I’d never made snickerdoodles before. And I heart cardamom. The cookies are lovely? Is the aftertaste weird? I have no idea.

I also went to my first Zumba class this week.

You know how Mr Bean dances? Yeah, that was me on fast-forward, for an hour. It’s a fun workout, but I am no Billy Elliot.

The firm’s holiday party was on Saturday nite, and I fashioned a pearl/ribbon/origami-lace pin necklace. My outfit scored lovely compliments! Black dress to which I added a red sash/belt, with this red necklace, red tights, and gunmetal shoes. Isn’t this a LOVELY necklace? It’s made of a strand of fresh-water pearls I bought from Al Beads (I have a pair of earrings from him as well which ALWAYS get compliments), a ribbon from a gift bag, and one of my origami/lace butterfly pins. I’d seen the pearl-lace-gold/silver-intertwined necklaces on etsy, and figured, well, I can do that right? And so I can. The twisting was trickier than expected, but doesn’t look too too shabby. It looked a little more festive than any of its parts on its own, at least