So one of Corwin’s friends gave him a delightful doll house bathroom set last year, which was left with me for the time being. I immediately put them on top of the commode, in a white shoebox lid, taking up half the real estate, with my hair brushes shoved up in the other half.

This weekend I finally upgraded the getup. Yes, the things are configured as similarly to my own bathroom as possible. It’s even pink.

Instead of just the upturned shoebox lid, this now uses a whole shoebox, with a side cut out. I love this setup bc now my hairbrushes take up less room and the whole thing looks neater. OK, so it’s not that much of an upgrade, but there’s now a doll house bathmat there too (which is just like mine, of course). This is the poorman’s fancy over-the-commode space-saving-cabinet-thing.

Also, purchased and put together a new crazy IKEA lamp. Even Cleo is not sure what to make of it.

It doesn’t match the apt’s feel AT ALL but I’m not sure how else to light that corner of the fainting couch, which is where I now like to read best. It looks like a UFO, and hangs so low that even I cannot walk under it. Should I keep it? (The other option is to return it and get just a hanging light and less-UFO-like shade, with an extension cord and hooks for the ceiling.)

I’ve also started Keri Smith’s Finish this Book, which I’m not sure how I feel about, but I’m trying to not be too critical. (Two years ago I had an angsty ‘omg do you think I’m a manic pixie dream girl????’ kinda quarter-life identity crisis, so her style grates upon these memories.) I really need to get some more creative juices flowing. Bc altho the bathroom upgrade is awesome to me, and s/thing I’d been procrastinating on since… last summer, it’s still a pretty lame craft for you to look at.