So, this is less a …craft, more an upcycle. Or downcycle, if you will.

I have forgotten to purchase paper towels for the last six months. SO I’ve opted to “make” some, ie. I systematically cut up some of my fiance’s old holey t-shirts in his absence. I tear off bits from time to time, but well, why not just have a whole stack! Where I more ambitious, I’d make something similar to these flannel ones, that are actually in a roll. But the thing with paper towels is they are nice and quick and disposable, so. T-shirt fabric it is, and all stuffed into an empty milk carton. I cut them about the size of a small kitchen hand-towel (but some of them got smaller). Jersey’s so great because it doesn’t fray, and it’s nice and moisture-wicking. And since they’re small and light and thin, they probably won’t get as grimy as the real towels.

I also made bean-burgers for the first time, and used my Christmas food processor for the first time. Like what I am going to guess most first-timer bean-burger-makers, I over-processed the beans and got more of a paste rather than the chunky clumps of beany burgerness. I mixed a recipe from WaPo and Kerf, and added a TON of chipotle Tabasco. They were not lookers so no photos.