My birthday was Monday, so I had a tea party/book exchange for a party on Saturday nite. 25 wonderful people flooded my apartment, drank spiked tea/coffee/cocoa, and swapped books white elephant style. I realized that I have a LOT of mugs.

I made cucumber sandwiches and the like. Full list? Cucumber sandwiches, egg salad with pesto/sundried tomatoes/capers, egg salad with dried shiso, roast beef with horseradish cream and arugula, and a blueberry pancake dip (cream cheese, blueberry jam, and butter syrup). I had also made salmon-lemon-paste and wanted to make canapes with it, and should have put it out as a pate, but didn’t. Newly, I tried out olive oil scones. They are SO EASY. Although they aren’t quite as moist as butter scones (possibly this feeling is exacerbated by the whole wheat flour, which feels dry), omg, so so so easy. You just mix things together, no butter cutting involved. I used a fork, and a batch is doable in 10mins. I made two batches, which was too much because I didn’t advertise scone-accompaniments well on the table.

I also made a matcha-chocolate cake, ie an adulterated box cake (white cake mix, a TON of green tea powder, broken chocolate bar bits, glazed with that magic Duncan Hines bottle glaze, and dusted with more green tea powder). A friend brought some amazing spice-chocolate cookies.

C isn’t here to vacuum for me, and I underestimated how time-consuming that is, so when people arrived to the party early, I did not have many sandwiches actually put together. But enough, and everyone had a lovely time (possibly a tastier time on a first-come-first-serve basis). No photos of any of the food, because I forgot before it got eaten.

Look what my betrothed got me!! A genuine card catalog!!