Actual things! Look!

I’ve been wanting to do this upcycle for a long while. Simple, yet effective upcycling of a white collared shirt. I’ve seen these spiffy shirts all over the place, with a contrasting inner collar… and thought it would be a great way to salvage (w/out bleach) my grimy-collared summer shirts that I wore once-too-often between washings. Also to spruce up the white shirt in general (I don’t like wearing white collared shirts b/c apparently I look like a waitress in them).

The concept is simple: the grimy shirt w/ the collar stains, wide-ish ribbons, and fusable interfacing/iron-on hemming tape.

iron-on magic

I used two layers of ribbon, pink and gray because 1) the first ribbon wasn’t wide enough 2) the stain was higher than I thought it would be (it’s not actually the inner collar that gets the “ring,” it’s right above it) 3) the widest ribbon I has was gray, and that’s boring on its own. I ironed on the pink ribbon first, making sure I covered the stains, then layered the gray on top. Which was doubly-good as the tape was slightly wider than the pink ribbon and therefore smeared a little on the top of it (which was covered nicely by the top gray ribbon). I cut the ribbons slightly longer than the collar, fused them, then cut out the proper shape afterwards.

The ribbons are actually the handles of fancy store bags (they are just the right length, altho not necessarily width, as I mentioned), which was a stroke of brilliance, as I’d been fretting on where to buy ribbon in the city, so it’s a double-upcycle. Win!

subtle, yet chic

It really livens up the shirt, even more than I was expecting, and I like that. If I had more ribbon (ie a real spool) I would probably add ribbon to the placket, but I do like the understated “pop” that just the inner collar offers.

Will def be transforming my other white shirt in a similar manner as well, maybe with my school colors, blue and gray.

(Also my new trick in the summer is to wear just my tanktop during the commute, with the shirt in my bag, and put the shirt on once I get to the air-conditioned office. omg I cannot wait for summer)