Have you seen the new “be bright” Gap ads? They’re plastered all over DC on the bus stops and the buses themselves, even. They’re very spring-like.

Well, it just so happens that I acquired a pair of red trousers at a clothing swap a few months ago. And believe me, you don’t know how relieved I am that colored trousers are going to be the it thing this/next season, b/c I don’t know if I would have worn them otherwise. They fit perfectly at the waist but were a tad bit long (of course), and… rather wide at the leg, and you don’t see many wide-legged pants these days, for better or worse.

Since the pants needed hemming anyway, I decided to go all out and straighten/skinnify the legs while I was at it. (I was extremely skeptical of donning anything but bootcut pants until I read recently in one of those “what not to wear”-type style guides that bootcut pants, contrary to popular belief, don’t actually make your legs look longer for short ppl. I immediately went out and tried on a pair of straight-cut pants and lo and behold, they were indeed more flattering. The jury is still out on skinny.)

Most tutorials for this task involve putting the pants on, pinning the legs in place, yadda yadda.


No pattern, no measuring, no pins, no nothing. As usual, just another piece of clothing and a bit of chalk. I used both my skinny jeans and skinny pants as a guide. I started at the knee b/c they fit fine until then, and starting higher up would have made things… snug, shall we say. I didn’t want them too skinny, so the outside edge seemed a fair enough guide.

I put my trust in the gods of “this’ll do” and just sewed along the lines. Since they fit fine, I cut away the excess, hemmed the new leg, and there you go.

I think they’re even enough. I feel one in pants is either sitting or walking anyway, which makes it difficult to judge whether one leg matches the other. It could just be a trick of the light!

I suppose now my question is, what does a non-Gap-model actually wear with a pair of slightly-faded yet still rather red trousers? I suppose I”ll find out this spring.