We’ve made it half way!

On Thursday I flew out to Roswell, NM, to see my dearest, and also for the opening of our show at the Roswell Museum and Art Center, shiine.

shiine: the brochure

Roswell is an interesting place, with the smallest airport I’ve ever flown into. Several motels and fastfood chains are alien endorsed. And it is very windy. Also, the sky is very big out West.

I gave my first ever artist talk at the opening, which was on March 3rd. As the cuter half of Radio Sebasitan, my half of the talk was of course well-received. At least I had that going for me!

The gallery is a very wonderful venue for the pieces.

I got to also meet Corwin’s fellow RAiR residents and local area friends, who were all delightful, kind, and insightful. It was especially nice that they liked my cheeseburger pie, which Corwin had been bragging about.

After the opening, we took a mini trip to Albuquerque for an art break, and also a long long drive around the local scenic attractions. Of course went to the UFO Museum and Research Center. It will convince you that whatever crashed there, it was not a weather balloon.

I flew back to DC again on Tuesday. It was too short a trip!