So, coming back to DC alone was a downer, to say the least. At least the weather has been rather nice.

In prep for St Patrick’s this weekend, my ambition was to make something like this except with a vertical strip rather than horizontal ones, b/c I shrank a green Threadless shirt (apparently they are notorious for shrinking easily. I learned the hard way), and wanted to insert a panel to let out the back, so I could wear it again w/out feeling like I would pop.

I had an old lace?ish shawl, so I cut out a strip.

And dyed it with Koolaide. Partially b/c it was a last minute project and partially b/c the dyes I wanted online weren’t free shipping, and well, you can get Koolaide at the grocery store for 50cents.

However my store did not carry the green Lemon/Lime flavor I wanted. So I got a back of Blue Hawaiian and a back of lemonade. Yellow and Blue make Green, right? They mixed blueish green. I added… TEA!!! It turned the mixture a deeper green!!!!! Then a splash of vinegar, which the interwebs told me is a good way to fix dyes.

Bubble bubble.

The lace turned a nice light bright green. Which was not the green I wanted, although it could have worked.

I decided however I was not committed enough to the project, that even a deconstructed tshirt would probably be too warm for dancing (which were my St Paddy’s plans, as it was a galpal’s birthday party as well) and went out and bought a green tanktop instead.

So now I’ve got a bit of green lace and a project on the shelf.