So I’ve re-resolved to get back on the bridal-bootcamp track of hitting the gym (I pinched a nerve in my leg/foot last month, and was waiting for it stop freaking me out), by taking a new class.

Spinning! My mentality behind all the gym classes I take is “well, at least this is more engaging than running on the treadmill.” Spinning [in a class] is mroe fun than I expected, especially now that I know how to work the machine (ie. a comfortable position for the bike seat, altho I’m def ordering cycling shorts).

I yet again upgraded the canvas tote from wk1 to a nice, roomy, lightweight gym bag that CLOSES. I really really really wanted a bag that zips, but did not want to buy a new “gym bag.” For a while I used a large uncomfortable purse. This project has been gnawing at me for a while, but I always put off ordering a zipper. Then I discovered that the ugly swag bag from wk3 had a nice, long zipper that could be scavanged. I had lopped off hem of a shirt dress that was also not only the right length, but the perfect width, AND already had one edge hemmed so that was one less step I had to worry about.

1+1+1=canvas totebag with a zipper.

I snipped off the zipper from the ugly bag (am not sure what else I can tear off this thing now) and cut it down to size. Figured out how to force the zipper-pull back on the zipper when I accidentally yanked it off. I used the hemmed edge of the fabric against the zipper, then sewed the loose edge onto the bag in a semi-hemming kind of way. I added fabric tabs to both ends of the zipper so the pull doesn’t fly off.

The project took maybe an hour, including futzing around fixing the zipper.