Firstly, I almost ruined one of my favorite new t-shirts in an overly-ambitious (due to over confidence) iron-on decal project. This was a distressing learning curve, and I should not have attempted it in the morning before going to work, b/c I was not coffeed up enough to realize the simple steps I could have taken to avoid the clusterfk that the morning became: I could not properly peel the decal off the shirt.

I ended up wearing a different shirt. The other morning project of cutting a sweater in half and pinning back mini-lapels w/ earrings b/c there was no time for button-sewing actually got me several compliments. Next week I’d like to cut the sleeve short so it’s a better “summer cardi.”

I fixed/finished the decal debacle  project on Sunday. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s not actually ruined. It just looks more distressed than it should. I failed in getting some of the details to attach. I also failed in getting the paper to peel correctly, and had to rub it off with water in placed.

Tricks of applying decals on shirts/fabric you don’t think actually want to be ironed at so high a setting on a cheap ironing board, that will significantly reduce the anxiety caused by the situation:

  • Put down a doubled-over piece of cotton under the shirt to act as a buffer against the super cheap ironing board’s criss-cross marks that will otherwise seep thru.
  • Place another doubled-over piece of cotton over the decal, wide enough to buffer the shirt from the iron’s wide trapaises over the decal, which will ease the fear of burning the shirt.

I’m not sure how this shirt got these two tiny holes (I suspect one of my chunky necklaces attacked it)…. but they became the impetus behind the glitz and glam, ie sewing beads over the holes, and then some more beads over non-holes bc just two beads is awkward. Is the shirt too kitsch?

I really don’t get what the cool kids are wearing ironically these days, vs what’s an ironic interpretation of what the cool kids are wearing these days.

My mom thinks it’s cute, at least.

(I guess they’re really called “iron-on transfers” not “decals,” but I like the word decal)