One of our wedding themes is pie. Flowers, pie, and flying pigs. Pink and Yellow, and some Japanesque elements thrown in there for good measure. I’m making a variety of brooches as favors.

I find THESE pins particularly inspired for the theme, and although maybe not all of the embellishments are equally successful, I am pleased as punch with myself:

I hand sewed these. I think you can figure it out visually, but:

  1. Decide how big/small you’d like your mini pies. These are about 2″ in diameter, I used a tea-light holder as a circle stencil.
  2. Decide on how “done” you want the pies to be, and cut out the circle. I used pinking shears b/c initialy I wasn’t sure how much of the edge I would make visible after the top, and wanted a crimped look.
  3. Pile on whatever filling-colored scraps you like into the middle of the circle. I stuck with berry (pink felt/yarn) and lemon (yellow felt) pies, altho I couldn’t resist a blueberry b/c it’s my favorite. I bet something more shiny would also be nice. For a few, I also felted in some of the extra felting wool I brought back from the last HandiHour for a fluffy, creamy-seeming pie.
  4. Cut thin strips of the dough-colored felt. Cut them to size of the diameter. Lattice, sew down the edges, and trim. I think three strips in both directions looks nicest, although I experimented with 3×2 also.
  5. Cut another longer piece of thin dough-strip. Sew down one edge. Then start twisting the strip, and sew down every other twist or so, so it keeps its shape. You could also cut a ring with pinking shears and place it on top of the lattice edges, and sew it down in a slightly wavy manner. (The less perfect the strips are, actually, the more “homemade” the pie looks. Unless you’re a super baker and have immaculate strip-cutting skillz. At least these are how my lattices end up looking.)
  6. Embellish if you like (I thought some beads would look like shiny berries, the ribbon made it look both flower-like and punny on prize-winning pies, and well, the yellow ones especially look like sunflowers so the leaves seemed natch), and sew on a pin to the back (daintystitch/glue on a pretty circle of fabric to cover up your stitches first), or just plate it up and have a feltea party!

This project fits in well with the plushie/felt food trend abounding these days.