I’m very disconcerted that the cherryblossoms are already finished and the dogwoods are already out. When things bloom too early, it makes the rest of spring a little boring, although I’m loving the weather.

I sent my be-my-maid card out extremely late, considering the invites should be going out soon. So I only have a one-person bridal party, and she is my bff from high school. I called her the weekend we got engaged and it was the second thing I said to her (“I got engaged! Would you please be my maid of honor?”). So it’s more of a thank you card.

I really wanted to send a pop-up card, so I figured out how to pop-up a dress. And shoved some cheeky tulle behind it. I covered the tabs with ribbon (which apparently did not get ironed very well). (Now that I’m looking at it the way I should have done it was to glue the tabs inside the dress, not outside, and avoided the kinda-weird ribbon thing: of course.)

Also I just realized I totally did the you’re-your typo, which is one of my petpeeves. Srsly? On a hand-written card. SO EMBARRASSED OMG OMG OMG This is why she was top of our class and I was not. I want to dig a hole in the ground. If I had any photoshop skillz whatsoever I’d fix it here. The whole deal looks much shoddier now than it did when I was making/sending it…..

Le sigh.

Best intentions!!

She did appreciate the effort though, and had not teased me re the typo (which is why I didn’t notice it until now),  because she’s AMAZING LIKE THAT. Which is why I’m so honored to have her.