My boss is on vacation for most of the week, so I’m in charge of “hosting” National Library Week events at the office this week! For days when vendors weren’t coming in with treats of their own, I decided to bring in treats to entice people into the library, where we just opened a “fun” reading Common Shelf.

I made “Bookworm Brownies.” They came out significantly creepier-looking than I imagined, then again I’m not sure how/why I imagined them NOT to be creepy. I baked a regular pan of box brownies. Mistake 1: I added gummy worms to the batter pre-baking. They melted completely. Mistake 2: I shoved in new worms into the melty trenches. They melted partially.

Although I thought they were delicious b/c the gummies made the brownies extra chewy, they looked really creepy, and were not a hit.

I also made I ♥ Boooooooooooook Krispie Treats out of apple cinnamon O-cereal and some peanut butter, b/c I couldn’t find Alphabits. I tried to shape them into hearts, but it’s difficult b/c O-cereal is bulkier, therefore not as easy to manipulate as rice cereal. But they were super tasty.

Today we had a “Law and Libraries on the Silver Screen” quiz, so in the movie theme, I made “movie theater popcorn,” ie. choco-covered popcorn with m&ms thrown in. I popped popcorn on the stovetop, then dumped in chopped up bits of leftover Easter candy, stirring to coat. The residual heat from the pot melted the chocolate to cover the popcorn nicely.

OMG ppl this is so good. SO GOOD. I was SO PLEASED with myself. If you couldn’t tell.