I finished and sent out our invitations! (I actually finished them last weekend but dragged my feet on the addressing envelopes part. Also it took forever for the ink on our address stamps to dry completely so they wouldn’t smear.)

Also I just realized I should have used the secular wording: “cordially invite you to,” or whatnot. “Request the honor of your presense” apparently connotes church weddings? Whatever. The important part was the pop-up pie.

Just look at it.

I drew the figures, scanned them, had C clean them up digitally and put 4 to a sheet. I printed them on watercolor paper, cut them out. Hand-colored each with watercolor pencils, trimmed each with scallopped scissors. Used an exacto knife around the pie.


To entice people to RSVP, I made the card more interactive than just checking off beef or pasta. Also hopefully I’ll get enough replies to string them together as decoration around the dessert table.

I bullied my fiance into this design, but I’m really rather self-satisfied with them, so I hope it’s worth it.