The cardigan I chopped up a few weeks ago, I finally got around to upgrading.

I started with an on-sale long-sleeved jersey shirt that was one size up (for a slouchy effect). I found the center line, ironed it, and cut along the iron crease. Since it was a regular round-necked shirt, the round halves are now a little pointy and flounce around, so I pinned them back.

Then the fun begins.

First, decide how long/short you want the sleeves to be, and chop them off accordingly. Then take this excess sleeve, and cut it into equal-width rings. Cut the ring at the seam to make strips.

Now take the strips and attach them to the sleeve openings in a bunched-up kinda way. I ruched by hand, because 1) I wanted to watch TV and 2) I didn’t trust myself with the small sleeve opening vs small bits of frilling vs the sewing machine. If you know how to make frills w the sewing machine, sally forth!

Tea Rose I think has the best/prettiest tutorial for a real grown-up version of a modded cardi, btw.

Since mine is long and flouncy, and I’m not too much of a ruffles person, I only highlighted the sleeves. And since I was just doing the sleeves, I could use the sleeve fabric instead of needing to get more. And since I was just doing the sleeves, I didn’t bother to pre-make the ruffles.

I just sewed a little bit, pinched the fabric together a bit to create a little ruffle-bump, sewed another bit (pulling the string very tight helps also with the pinching/ruching/frilling effect), repeat, repeat. When one strip ended, I shoved the end of a new strip right up against it and kept going. Because I didn’t plan before I went, on one arm this mashing is at my forearm, not as smooshed together as thought, and thus a little visible. But oh well, I’m sure you will learn from my mistake and pin before you sew. (Only a nag would comment on such a detail though, so don’t sweat these things.)

Also, these things probably go faster if you are giving them your full attention, but then you get to watch less TV.

In other news, my father came to visit to see the Colorful Realm show at the NGA. It was phenomenal, and lush, and lovely. He also met my betrothed’s parents.