I haven’t been very good these few weeks in posting. All I’ve been doing is making cranes and futzing about (a solo year is turning out more difficult than I’d imagined). I’ll try to rally back.

Wedding is 5wks away!

I finished the 1000 paper cranes for my wedding on the 8th. I got help from my mother and some friends. But really it was an excuse for me to watch television. My mother and I knocked off a few hundred while watching the 10hrs of Downton Abbey Season2 in a two-day marathon, for example. (I hope the good luck they bring aren’t affected by the things that went through my head while folding them. I don’t want a dramatic life, not even if it’s Masterpiece dramatic!)

It was drain on “new” projects b/c it’s really more of the same, 1000 times. Since I had slacked off for a few wks, I started to freak out they won’t be finished in time, so I’d concentrated my free time on them for a while. But now it’s out of the way! Next week I’ll string them up, which will be another endeavor.

I’ll also sew some strings of paper bunting/garlands next week, since the punches I ordered should arrive on Saturday.

So, new and exciting things are on the way.


Here’s what they looked like at the ceremony