the weekend was rather busy.

Checked out the Artomatic opening on Friday night. Lots and lots and lots of art. Oodles. Go see for yourself.

On Sat I went to an artists’ Lab event at Flashpoint on how to talk about your art, which included a panel discussion with a few wonderful artists, a gallery owner, and an art critic for the Post. Sometimes the discussion tangented a bit (as these things are wont to do), but it was all very helpful. We had break-out sessions at the end which really brought home the lessons of the talk for me.

The main lesson was: Start with describing your materials.

The big ideas behind art are well, big, and general, and often universal. Even when you’re making a specific point in art, unless you have your portfolio, the best way to describe art is the WHAT.

For me I suppose I should start saying things like, It’s sculpture made with polymer clay, flowers the size of your pinky-nail that burst from pipes, or foamcore walls. Or, pen/ink drawings layered on top of itself with layers of medium. Or, c-prints with graphite drawings on top.

So that was interesting. I just need to practice now.

Also, went to a wedding! It was lovely and personal and very them, so perfect.

I had been given an ex-bridesmaid’s dress at a clothing swap that fit like a dream except it as a tad long. The dress being a three-layered flowy shift/column dress (THREE layers), and figuring it was just for the eveing, I just chopped the dress off at my feet and hoped for the best. It didn’t fray too much. Am debating shortening it to cocktail length, but it does look lovely as a gown… and the hem is less noticeable when it’s down at my feet, so I don’t have to bother with fixing it yet.