The fiancé is back in town. We are going down to the location on Friday morning, where we will meet the location-owners and my family to prep the place, and get food/booze/the works.

We are getting everything together.

All of the pie-stands have been bought. My last-min purchases of an aisle runner and a cake banner arrived in time. I think we have enough favors. We decided to get a hardback copy of Ulysses as our guestbook, in honor of our Bloomsday date. We’re shopping for his clothes now, and will make it work. We got our marriage license going this morning!

Over the weekend, I made my veil. Attempts at a bird-cage did not get far off the ground (although I did find a few useful tutorials, I just wasn’t going at it right). Very thankful my hair has grown out a little. I had two sets of friends come over and give their opinions. My desire for a wide lace headband was banned as simultaniously too hippy- and religions-to-which-I-don’t-belong-looking. The cheap faux flowers looked, of course, cheap. My whichgoose-inspired desire for a bridal cap was also vetoed by my friends, who seem to have a better grasp of my head-shape than I do. Also that of some sort of tiara.

In the end, simple was best, with a splash of color.

I used a drug-store headband (luckily found one pre-pearly), white kanzashi-type flowers made out of a faux-woven silk (three being an auspicious number), tulle, and pink glitter tulle. All a bit asymetrical, so it’s framing my head a bit, but not in my face. On the right side of my head so it would be visible to the guests when I’m facing my husband during the vows, OF COURSE. I sewed on a semi-circle of the silk to the headband first as a base.

So, could I sell these on etsy?