aaaaaaand the HUSBAND is back in New Mexico.

So, it doesn’t feel very different in some ways than before. Except the world has this wonderfully newly-wed-rose tint to it.

It’s very pleasant.

The wedding was a very DIY/fixer-upper/do-it-our-way affair. Prep was stressful, but we made it work.

And as soon as I had finally had my dress and makeup and veil and shoes on (in that order), I started having fun. And the evening was a blast. Represenative of our history together, the ceremony did not go off without a hitch, but we laughed through it, and it was great. The reception is a blur to me. I spent it waving my arms around and romping about the yard in my dress, waiting for people to give me hugs.

My mother did the flowers:

Pinterest made me think I’d want peonies. But really, Gerberas are my favorite, and they’ve always been my favorite (next to hydrangeas, which aren’t auspicious for weddings, and dogwoods, which aren’t in season anymore). Pink and yellow vaguely prevailed:

I did the flower-pins:

My father, being the tallest of the bunch, put up the thousand paper cranes (50 strands of 20) all about, and my brother-in-law put up the garlands (it turns out I’d made a lot of bunting):

My brother made a gorgeous fabric wall which became our photobooth backdrop, as well as the immaculate aisle:

The best part of the wedding was of course the pie (we had blueberry, key lime, pecan, apple, cherry, strawberry rhubarb, lemon chess; my favorites were the bberry, cherry, and sberry/rhubarb, the crowd favorites wre pecan, key lime, and lemon. they were all AMAZING), graced by our flying pigs:

Music provided by my dear friend Patrick, which I’ve been re-listening to non-stop.

And I lucked out with a SUPER photographer, Tom Daly. He’s personable, unobtrusive when he needs to be, has a great eye for the meaningful details, and takes super sharp photos! (And I wanted sharp photos that did not look like at all like homevideo-type shots, and took out the DIY-look of the event.) Tom took exactly the kind of pics I wanted.

It all just, came together, beyond belief. Like us. It was a lot of fun. I’m so glad for all who came, and all who pitched in, and for our wonderful friends who were gracious enough to welcome into their home to host the event.