My brain cannot wrap itself around all this space it suddenly has since it’s not taken up by Weddingmania anymore. Bridezilla has been vanquished at last! Freedom!


I made pesto.

From scratch.

It felt like a very grown-up, classy urbanite foodie thing to do, like many things involving fresh herbs and a large kitchen appliance. (Although I’m sure the feeling would be more pure were I pestoing by hand).

Really it wasn’t. It was me, my out-of-control organic basil plant that I picked up on sale at the grocery store that is thriving too much for its own good at this point, a wedding gift Good Stuff Cookbook (a la my favorite burger shop in DC), and my food processor, in the kitchen that hasn’t properly absorbed its status as a newly-wed kitchen (even when one of the newly weds isn’t even living there yet).

Spike’s pesto is a basic cheeseless pesto. I didn’t have pine nuts on hand so I used sunflower seeds instead. Pulse pulse pulse.

First taste: meh? Well, at least I’ve used the basil finally. I do like the added texture the sunflower seeds gave over traditional pine nut texture, and I recommend it if you’re also a fan of crumble/crunch. They’re a lot cheaper than pine nuts too, and not made in China.

alien brainz?

Luckily the pesto was much improved overnight, when the garlic came to bloom, and the sea salt dissolved, and everything mellowed into each other.

Was a delightful addition to a chicken salad sandwich.

Wondering if I should add a dash of lemon juice to prevent discoloration next time, and give it another kick?