I spent the wkend and this half of the week in New York City, playing hard during the wkend and working hard in the NYC office during the week.

It was a lovely time, with nice summer weather, good conversation and satisfying work.

My dear and dearer friend PRoS put me up on her pullout couch over the wkend.

As a hostess gift I took her the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake from Baked Explorations (yes, me in DC making/taking my friend in Manhattan a baked good inspired by the shop in Brooklyn… there’s something to that, and yes, the recipe is included in the preview: MAKE IT). Since I was transporting it, I omitted the frosting. It didn’t really need it. You can always spread cream cheese (or cinnamon butter, or both) on it directly if you’re having it for breakfast.

I’ve baked a few other of the simpler recipes from the book, and have loved them all, and they aren’t too sweet.

Of course since it was the first time making the recipe, I had to taste first it to make sure it was okay. Lovely, lovely chewy texture, but with still a nice cakey crumb, so it’s not too quickbready. Perfect bc oatmeal cookies are tied for my favorite cookies (vying with m&m cookies), so it’s like having a super chewy cookie/cake for breakfast. Much less fussy than coffee cake. Next time I’ll make it with raisins added to enhance the oatmeal-cookie feel.

Also perfect bc it’s a 9×13 recipe, and I wanted to take a lot so she could share with her roommates, since technically all of them let me stay on their living room.

While in NY I tasted from the famed Magnolia Bakery (underwhelmed, then again I don’t really love cupcakes anyway), and the Momofuku Milk Bar. I asked for, and received, the shop’s cookbook, mainly drawn to the name/photos/crack pie recipe that I stumbled upon in the LA Times a few years ago (which I haven’t even made yet).

Despite myself, the book is a little intimidating, altho Tosi is a great writer, grew up in NoVa, and I want to be friends with her. In some fortuitous twist of fate, the WaPo also recently ran an article/recipe about building up the courage to take on the recipes in the book. So, I resolved that I needed to eat something from the actual store to get a benchmark idea of what “milk crumb” is supposed to taste like. And try some cookies while I was at it.

Needless to say after the taste test, that I will be baking thru the entire book in the near future.

I’m in love with milk crumb. And LOVED the cornflake-choco chip-marshmallow cookie. The cornflake bits are like coconut, in that chewy but crunchy kinda way, but not. It’s v weird. And delicious.