Not that life is giving me lemons, mind.

I was invited to a casual BBQ on Sunday by some college friends, and decided it was the perfect occasion to make this Gin and Tonic cake I stumbled upon on How Sweet it is (probably via pinterest). I’ve had some lemons on hand that I was at a loss as to how to use. And as you may know, lemons, not limes, are the traditional star of gin and tonics.

I had a lot of lemons on hand, so used them agressively (I used a whole lemon, when the recipe only calls for one lime, which is the size of half a lemon).

Thus, it ended up being a delicious, summery lemon cake I took to the BBQ, that did not taste or even smell like booze at all. What I should have done was only used gin for the glaze (I didn’t have enough powdered sugar to make icing, and only just now remembered I could have made some in the food processor).

It’s a lovely cake though, light yet moist, and the lemon really was good for the BBQ.

let them drink cake?