(I’m going to go see my husband on Friday!!!!!!!! Just saying.)

Soo, nobody told me that Threadless shirts shrink like it’s their business. I really like them, but can’t wear the ones I’ve gotten b/c well, they’ve shrunk.

The last time I tried to wear this one, I was uncomfortable, self-conscious, and sad b/c it was so tight and ill-fitting. But I love the design.

Attempt to widen said shirt! I wanted to make something with an open back. Those seem to be in these days, keyholes and stuff.

I cut off the sleeves, which is usually a good place to start.

Then cut off the back, and cut the rectangle in half diagonally. I trimmed them down a bit so they were neater-looking.

Flipped them so the corners met, which added a few inches to the original width, resewed the sides up and reclosed the sleeves, then sewed down the flaps as they overlapped naturally:

the asymmetrical geometrical thing that’s in right now, right?

The shirt is not done but I’m stuck. I am not sure what to do with the front/collar, which I haven’t modded yet. Am not even quite sure I’m happy with the back, it’s not what I originally had in mind, as it’s now too wide at bottom, but maybe that’s a fun boho look? Thoughts? Debating just adding an elastic band and making it a tube top.