Had a lovely time in New Mexico!!

We had a wonderful reception at the Anderson Museum: heartfelt thank you! It was so so so nice to see my husband again. We had a great little trip to Santa Fe as well. Two more months until we’re really reunited!!


So, came back and cleaned out the fridge. And made banana/yogurt/OJ muffins. And created BEAN & KALE MUFFINS.

OK, they are way more tasty than they sound.

Essentially they are savory quick breads in muffin-form. I pureed a couple cups of beans. I wilted some kale in a pan with a lot of olive oil and whirred that a bit in the food processor w the beans too. I used that in place of the amt of bananas in a banana bread recipe (sans the sugar, upped some salt and seasonings, half/half whole/white flour). Added more olive oil and some balsamic vinegar to make it a little wetter, and pop! into the oven.


The kale burnt a little so had this lovely almost kelp-like umami to it.

Sage would be a great addition, but I thought it was amazing as it was too.

Totally my new favorite savory muffins.

(I left the banana yogurt OJ ones in the oven too long so they got a little dry, but were good with milk)