I don’t really remember the last time I cooked meat for myself. Especially in the summer, it’s just not much fun (unless it’s s/thing really quick cooking like bacon). I like meat and I heart BBQ, but I’m old-fashioned and believe cooking meat proper is men-folk work. So I’ve been one of those annoying quasi-vegetarians who likes to talk about the carbon footprint of meat eating, but will do it anyway if it’s organic, or actually if you cooked it for me so I didn’t have to bother, etc.

I picked up grapes at the store the other day, but just cannot get in the mood to eat them in the normal way.

So I found a recipe for sausage-grape pasta. I used veggie chorizo and omitted most of the rest of the seasonings, and used some sweet white wine in place of the broth. This recipe went super quick because I chopped the grapes in the food processor first, cooked the onion which I chopped rather fine first, added the veggie chorizo which just needed to heat a bit, then added the grapes and wine, and it all came together. Of course topped it with basil from the window garden.

Hello, new pasta recipe for the summer, and maybe, probably, forever.

With a nice cool glass of my summer drink of the summer, Campari and soda, and OH MY. The spicy spicy chorizo (actually it bordered on too spicy for me, next time I’ll be slightly more judicious with it) and the sweetness of the grapes with the bit of soft crunch from the mildly sauteed onions…. and it all came together so quick.

Next day, I went to the other hemisphere: I don’t much like eggplant, but I love it with miso (or baba ghanoush). I nuked a pierced eggplant in the microwave for 6min, stripped the skin, zapped it in the food processor. I sauteed the onion again, added the veggie chorizo, then the eggplant mush. I seasoned it with a mix of miso and mirin (sweet wine would do) and some sugar. The chorizo of course overpowered the miso taste! I didn’t want to add too much more though, but good to know for next time. Or maybe I should have let the miso cook longer to bring out more of its flavors? Still, delicious. I ate it over more pasta, but I’m having the leftover sauce with crackers tomorrow.

This would actually made a great dip for a party, fyi.