I’m working on a dress hack but doing it slowly b/c I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it.

Working slowly in general this week, doing that procrastination that involves doing non-essential tedious tasks instead of new and exciting ones.

ie. I spent a night watching TV and reorganizing my newspaper-clipped recipes which I’d had in a file box. I got a giant accordion file, added tabs to it, and sorted the recipes into the tabs (COOKIES etc. [surprised it’s cookies and not pie? The WaPo has a wonderful cookie collections every winter, which are the core of my collection], Breakfast, Soup, Veg & Small Plates, Meat & dinner, Drinks). I tossed some of the things I was pretty sure I was not actually going to attempt.

I did find a “I should make this right now!” one: the Whole-Wheat Date Bread from the NYT.

Peeps, it is delicious. I may or may not reduce the olive oil a smidge, or even to 1/2c. It’s got a wonderful crumb (better than one would expect with even partial whole-wheat), and the dates are so naturally sweet so it’s just great and tasty.

I baked a banana caramel bread at the same time too. An old banana bread recipe that I’ve had, and replaced the oil with caramel sauce that’s been languishing around. It’s RICH.

ALSO have you seen the new spinach and kale greek yogurt dip at Trader Joe’s? I found a few recipes on the web to recreate it, but none really caught my eye so I made something up. (and you can too!) I cooked down some fresh kale in a dollop of olive oil (do it with high heat and get a nice little burn for extra flavor), thawed frozen chopped spinach, added chopped carrots for color and crunch, zipped them in my favorite kitchen helper the food processor with smoked salt, mixed it up w a bit of mayo and fat free greek yogurt with trusty Old Bay. Took it to a board-game-nite w/ chips, and yum yum yum. The kale really ups the ante vs plain old spinach dip.